Training Seminar - Certified Tour Guide for Frankfurt am Main

In Frankfurt, a training seminar for tour guides is offered by the Tourismus+Congress GmbH. This seminar takes place every 2-3 years, depending on need. The seminar lasts about 3.5 months and most of the classes take place evenings and on weekends.

The seminar consists of learning everything a guide should know about the city and the participants must pass a written test before moving on to the practical part of the seminar. A practical test must then be passed to obtain the certification diploma.

After successfully completing the Seminar, each guide is now self-employed. They are responsible for keeping their own schedule updated and paying their own taxes. Being a Tour Guide means you will have flexible hours, but there is no guarantee for a regular income.

More information about applying for the seminar, requirements, costs, dates and schedule of classes can be found on the website of the Tourism+Congress GmbH:


Extra Qualifications

Qualification classes are regularly offered by the Association of Frankfurt City Guides. 

To take part in these qualification classes, a membership in the Association is required.